Microbiological fertilizers


“Agrofil” is a microbiological preparation based on the selected «friendly» to plants natural strain of rhizobacteria Agrobacterium which occupies the pre-root area of plants and the surface of roots of agricultural crops. More…


Flavobacterin is a bacterial preparation based on a highly effective strain of associative diazotrophs (Flavobacteria). More…


Mizorin is a bacterial preparation based on a highly effective strain of associative diazotrophs Athrobacter mysorens. It is an ecologically safe biopreparation of complex action which allows an increase in the crop yield and improves the quality of fodder crops (perennial grasses, sorghum), spring wheat, sunflower, potato. More…


Rizotorphin is an effective and environmentally friendly microbiological preparation applied to increase the productivity, quality of green weight (alfalfa, clover) and legumes (beans, soybean, string beans, peas, lentil, peanut). More…


Microbiological preparation “Rizoagrin” is an effective ecologically safe means of increasing productivity and quality of winter and summer grain. More…



Microorganisms play an important role in nature. They participate in various processes which our life depends on. The latest researches have provided new discoveries in soil sciences and proved how important microorganisms are in plants’ life support, soil and its inner living world.

Any soil ecological disbalance leads to lack of soil fertility. Total use of chemicals in all spheres of our life is the reason of poor fields and crops. That is why it is vitally important to find another way to grow crops. Nature is the answer to all agricultural troubles.

Organic farming is most close to natural processes. It includes not only abandoning from the wide use of chemical fertilizers and crop-protection agents but also preserving treatment of soil where healthy crop is the priority. 

Our company provides 5 types of best-quality microbiological preparations which you can buy at a reasonable price:

  • Agrofil;
  • Flavobacterin;
  • Mizorin;
  • Rizotorphin;
  • Rizoagrin.


Microbiological preparations which you can buy at our company work as follows:

  • they build up the soil;
  • increase crops;
  • improve soil fertility;
  • intensify root nutrition of the plants;


If you need microbiological preparations buy them at “Natural Resources” Company and you will get 100% quality products which decrease maturing period, improve taste of agricultural products, reinforce immune system of the plants and extend the keeping period.

Microbiological preparations bought at out web-site improve mineral nutrition of the plants, intensify seed vigor, promote active development of root system of the plants, and growth of their vegetative weight. Buying our microbiological preparations you provide the earlier and bountiful harvest with the improved taste and nutritional qualities of fruit and vegetables.


If you are looking for a quality microbiological preparations buy them here at a favorable price. Our managers will be glad to answer your questions regarding specifications of the products and delivery terms. We are also available via e-mail which you can find in our web-site.